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Why is Being Diamond Certified Better for Consumers?

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Introduction by Susan Nichol, CEO Cold Craft, Inc. A Diamond Certified Company Have you ever looked up a company on a “consumer review” site and wonder how they got their rating? Do they submit attractive ‘reviews’ impersonating one of their ‘customers’? Was there a disgruntled employee in their past posting ‘reviews’? Is one crazy customer

Perils of Making Old HVAC Equipment Work

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by Susan Nichol The perils of doing whatever it takes to make combustion heating (natural gas/propane) or air conditioning equipment limp along another year.  The consequences range from catastrophic and environment damage to excessively high energy bills.  One day, you just can’t take it anymore, so you call an HVAC firm. You feel uncomfortable, whether

Parking Garage Deferred Maintenance = High Risk

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Commissioning a parking garage is a big hurdle, but once the garage opens many owners think the responsibility ends there, ignoring maintenance of the exhaust system and mandatory annual sensor calibration. The general public is at risk when this maintenance is ignored.  People using the parking garage, including tenants, retail establishments, and restaurants who’re connected

Private Silicon Valley Wine Cellars

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One sunny late spring day in 2017, my business partner, our engineer, and I headed to Palo Alto to check on a high-end home and the personal wine storage requirements of the owner. My curiosity was peaked when I was going into the home of a very successful entrepreneur, sometime after his business was gobbled

The Importance of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

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Indoor Air Pollutants and Health According to the American Lung Association, poor indoor air quality can impact your health by contributing or causing chronic lung disease, lung cancer or the development of infections.  Certain people are at greater risk than others, for example people with a lung disease face a greater risk when exposed to