Savvy Sipper’s Guide to the Perfect Temperature to Serve Wine

By Betty Kaufman, Independent Wine Consultant - Savy Sipper Kaufman The best temperature to serve any wine is the temperature where the wine tastes the best to you. Pretty simple. But if you want to be a savvy sipper, here are some helpful guidelines. White Wines Get the Big Chill White wines should be served…
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Local Retiree Makes His Own Wine With a Modified Wine Chiller

Campbell, CA - Roger, a retired winery professional came to Cold Craft Inc. looking for some help. Roger may have retired from the business but wine is clearly still a big part of his life. Roger is continuing his passion for wine while making boutique wines.

Part of the fun of making your own wine is the process of finding the equipment and building a custom set up. In his search he found a great deal on a little Haskris brand chiller that needed some modifications to work with his Minox stainless steel tank. (Both pictured below).

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