Cold Craft, Inc. For Data Center and Call Center Efficiency

Why we are different

Local energy companies so far have left data centers and call centers off the brown out schedule however there are talks about placing them on the rotation as well. These centers use an enormous amount of energy and therefore money for the owners and operators.  There are several solutions that we have reccommended and used to reduce the energy costs for these centers – these suggestions are listed below.


M30 efficient air conditioner

Coolerado has packaged solutions that will blow you away on how much it will reduce the energy consumption for cooling buildings and data/call centers.

This is where the revolution in cool begins—and energy-gorging ends. Our stand-alone products use innovative new technology that use up to 90% less energy—without using chemical refrigerants! What’s more, our unique process cleans and filters the outdoor air our coolers pull in before it’s cooled for cleaner, healthier, more breathable air. Now, that’s cool!*


In specific instances geothermal can be an energy efficient match for data centers. These are limited instances where the call center is coupled with a spa or work out area or has a function where there is a need for hot water – an example of this is a building coupled with laundry or a working cafeteria.  This is so the heat from the server room in the datacenter can be reclaimed and resused for other functions.  Another example is for a smaller data center.

If a building does not have a cafeteria or spa or even swimming pool for a couple of examples and wants to go geothermal, speak to your tax preparer and see what part of the additions could be used as a tax credit for the geothermal installation.  Perhaps the heat reclaim system may qualify.

Some of these examples would give an incentive for employees to work at the data or call center while reducing energy costs and reducing operating costs of a cafeteria, or heating a pool or spa.