Some commercial property owners qualify for an energy efficient tune up, paid for by a line item on their energy bill, this program is called Air Care Plus.

The properties that benefit the most are small to medium sized buildings and those with something attached to their HVAC equipment called an economizer.

Economizers replace the use of air conditioning when the inside temperature is higher than the exterior temperature.  It senses the temperature difference and brings outside air inside to cool the interior space without the use of air conditioning.  This in itself saves a tremendous amount of energy, but it needs to be installed and maintained properly.

When working on buildings that have had a preventative maintenance contract.  In many logo-aircare_plus-160-resized-600.gifcases the owner is surprised to find out the condition of their units.  Many times the economizer on the unit was disconnected because the technician as unable to get it to operate, didn’t know how it operates, as installed incorrectly, and sometimes this improper installation has caused issues that made the economizer fail.

The Air Care program focuses on Air Flow, Controls and refrigeration (freon) to make the equipment as energy efficient as possible.  The program starts with a series of basic tests and then adjustments to the equipment to make it energy efficient.  Then the air conditioning is tested and adjusted and finally the controls are evaluated to see if they can be included in the program.

This is a great step towards energy efficiency for a commercial property.  Regular maintenance then is critical for maintaining the efficiency after the tune up.

Click to learn more and see if your business Qualifies.

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By Published On: September 22, 2014

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