EnergySmart Experts

The EnergySmart Grocer Program is an entirely free program that increases profit margins across the board by saving grocery stores money through more efficient energy use. The EnergySmart program is much more than a short term fix, delivering consistent savings to those who take advantage of our years of expertise in energy efficiency. ColdCraft, Inc. is here to help you navigate the processes of the EnergySmart Grocer Program and to help save your business money and energy.

Who Do We Work With

ColdCraft, Inc. works alongside EnergySmart Grocer service medium to large sized grocery stores with peak energy usage being greater than 70kW. We specialize in servicing grover stores that utilize multiplex refrigeration systems.

Where We Operate

The Energy Smart Grocer Program offers each participating grocery stores a comprehensive energy audit completely free of charge. From there, we provide further energy analysis, recommendations on energy efficient equipment as well as provide rebates to assist with the initial cost for these equipment upgrades.

What is Included in the EnergySmart Grocer Program:

  • EnergySmart Grocer Provides
  • No-cost energy audit
  • Customized Energy Savings Report
  • Instant savings through no-cost installation of CFLs and beverage cooler controls
  • Strong customer service and personalized support
  • Local Field Energy Analysts to provide technical expertise and guidance
  • Financial rebates and application processing
  • Grocer Resources
  • Terms and Conditions

Contact Your Energy Smart Analyst in the Coastal Central, Central Valley, Silicon Valley areas — Logan Ahlgren

Logan Ahlgren

Logan Ahlgren, Field Energy Analyst
Territory: Coastal Central, Central Valley and Southern PG&E service area

Logan Ahlgren has vast experience as an energy auditor and a keen eye for identifying energy-saving opportunities in grocery stores. Logan has a background in lighting and is an expert in refrigeration technologies. Logan also brings expertise in building controls analysis, energy load calculation and high-efficiency technologies.

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