EnergySmart Grocer Program Cuts Refrigeration Loads

Cold Craft, Inc. in Campbell, CA has participated in the EnergySmart Grocery program for several retrofits of refrigeration cases for grocery stores and the firm has been included in the planning from start to finish to assist the grocer in getting the maximum in rebates or financing as well as a job well done. If you or someone you know owns a grocery store or if you know of a grocery store that really needs their cases replaced because they are old please contact Cold Craft, Inc. we can reach out for you and help that grocer to reduce food loss from older less reliable refrigeration cases, improve the look of their product by having them displayed in newer better lit cases, improve on one of the grocer’s most expensive aspects of the business (energy expense). We can also find the most pain-free way to finance it and install it. Contact Cold Craft, Inc at or call us at 408.374.7292.

CASE STUDY: EnergySmart Grocer Program Helps Grocery Chain
Cut Refrigeration Loads

The EnergySmart Grocer Program managed by Portland Energy Conservation Inc. (PECI) provides
grocers with energy audits and information about efficient technology, operations, and management
options that help to identify energy-saving opportunities and the financial benefits of increasing efficiency in their stores.

For example, the program has helped a regional grocery chain in the San Francisco Bay
Area save over 350,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) and $53,000 per year by installing energy-saving
measures in three of its stores. In one 25,000-square-foot (ft 2) store, a PECI EnergySmart
Grocer field energy analyst inspected the facility and recommended two phases of
retrofits, beginning with simple measures for immediate results followed by retrofits
for longer-term savings. The first phase involved adding 196 linear feet of night covers
to open display cases to reduce the cooling load during off hours, cutting annual
electricity use by 2,000 kWh. Strip curtains installed in walk-in freezers produced more-
significant savings, reducing energy use by over 30,000 kWh for a 91-ft 2 doorway. Also
as part of the first phase of retrofits, installation of anti-sweat heater controls is saving
another 30,000 kWh per year for 120 linear feet of refrigerated-display-case doors.
The second phase of retrofits involved replacing low-temperature open refrigerated cases
with new high-efficiency reach-in units that feature electronically commutated motor (ECM)
fans and T8 lamps with electronic ballasts, saving 60,000 kWh per year with 62.5 linear
feet of replacement cases. The store also installed 36 ECMs in place of existing shaded-pole
evaporator-fan motors, providing approximately 20,000 kWh of annual savings. Another
234 feet of night covers were added for additional savings of nearly 2,400 kWh per year.

Cold Craft can be reached at 408.374.7292 for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVACR).


By Published On: September 17, 2015

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