Grocers Get FREE Expert Advice, Crazy Energy Savings, And Financing Through EnergySmart

Cold Craft, Inc. works hand in hand with EnergySmart Grocer whose sole purpose is to help grocers save energy.  If a grocer resides in the electric utility territory of PG&E. There is no fee for the services EnergySmart provides, as they are supported by PG&E.

The EnergySmart Grocer Program is a free service that makes it easy for grocery stores to save energy and increase profit margins. The EnergySmart Grocer Program’s solutions offer much more than just a quick fix. EnergySmart Grocer delivers persistent savings by forming long-lasting relationships with those who turn to them  for energy efficiency expertise. EnergySmart Grocer serves mid to large-sized grocery stores with peak demand greater than 70 kW. We specialize in measures for stores with multiplex refrigeration systems.

What They Do

EnergySmart Grocer offers each participating store a comprehensive no-cost energy audit, expert recommendations on energy-efficient equipment upgrades, and rebates to offset the upfront costs of those upgrades.

EnergySmart Grocer Provides

  • No-cost energy audit
  • Customized Energy Savings Report
  • Instant savings through no-cost installation of CFLs and beverage cooler controls
  • Strong customer service and personalized support
  • Local Field Energy Analysts to provide technical expertise and guidance
  • Financial rebates and application processing


By Published On: September 14, 2015

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