Mobile Showroom

Cold Craft Invests in Mobile Showroom So Customers Can Touch The Equipment Before Buying.

It isn't everyday that one replaces their furnace or get new air conditioning - it happens about as often as one buys a new car from a showroom.  An automobile like HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) equipment has changed a lot over the years, more efficient models and quiet operation are common themes for both products.  Many people would never buy a new car by just looking at the brochure they need to sit in the seats to see if it is comfortable, check out the new car smell and see if they like it even take it around the block.  In the heating and air conditioning world the customer has to look at a two dimensional picture and guess about the size and how much easier it is to change out the furnace, etc.

Now with a mobile showroom, HVAC equipment can be purchased after seeing it, touching it and even opening it up. In a showroom there is no threat of electrical, gas and carbon monoxide because the units are not operational.  This seems to put the customers at ease to open it and nose around.

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The Mobile Showroom offers the opportunity to overcome obstacles that customers face when buying with a catalog or brochure only.  If someone is looking to buy something that is familiar to them, they may buy it without physically seeing or touching it, but when it is the unfamiliar or uncomfortable there is a need to become more familiar and that is where a mobile showroom comes in handy.  A comparison was made when we visit the customer with and without the mobile showroom and the customer's comfort level was much higher with the showroom.  The key here is to avoid buyers remorse, making sure that the customer is comfortable with the decision is critical to the installation's success.
Contact us for an in-home estimate with the mobile showroom 408.374.7292.
Cold Craft, Inc. opened for business in 1991 serving the San Francisco bay area in heating, air conditioning and refrigeration for both commercial and residential aspects of the trade. Although Cold Craft can complete almost any installation or repair, the company thrives on energy efficient ideas such as geothermal or geothermal using a swimming pool instead of drilling.  The company has a continuous improvement program that includes incentives for education such as being NATE certified; this is why Cold Craft was awarded the Circle of Excellence from NATE, the gold standard in HVAC. The firm also has been Diamond Certified for 12 years. The employees also pride themselves on offering new technology, renewable and energy efficient solutions. Cold Craft’s goal is to continue to grow in the HVAC R industry in the bay area and hire additional experienced technicians and installers. Learn more at, or follow Cold Craft, Inc. on Twitter @suzi_coldcraft.

Here is why people refer their friends to Cold Craft for heating and air conditioning

Cold Craft maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau
The first Diamond Certified heating and air conditioning contractor in Santa Clara County
Cold Craft has NATE certified technicians and installers
10 service trucks serving the San Jose community
Best trained technicians in the Bay Area
Exclusive 12 month buy back guarantee
20+ years serving the San Jose Area
Financing available
High tech diagnostic tools
Best trained technicians in the Bay Area

Call us 408.374.7292 or email us for more information.

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