thankyouThe following are verbatim customer responses from American Ratings Corporation (Diamond Certified) or other rating sites conducted between 2002 and 2011.

Customer last names have been initialized for privacy.

I am totally impressed with this company and their professionalism! Last fall Cold Craft came to my house to inspect our furnaces, which were over 23 years old. Our utility bills in the winter were well over $400 and we almost never used the upstairs furnace and used the downstairs furnace frugally. The technician inspected both furnaces and told us that the upstairs one was still OK because it had not had much use over the years. However, the downstairs one in our garage was a different story and it was determined to be in very poor shape and a serious safety hazard. In fact, the heat exchanger was cracked and there was a possibility that we had a potential carbon monoxide issue as well. Cold Craft replaced the furnace with a 95% efficiency one in one day and we could immediately tell the difference. The unit was much quieter and our utility bills dropped to around $250. This spring Cold Craft added duct work to the furnace because they determined that the builder of our house had not utilized enough ducting for optimal air flow. They explained to us why we needed to do this and even showed us the air flow calculations. It was great to work with such knowledgeable people at Cold Craft and I would definitely use their services again.

Genia J., Saratoga, CA

I hired this company to change our heater. By just talking to the owner I didn’t even bothered calling anyone else. They maybe more or they maybe less than other companies but what was important for me was to get the job done right. Our heater was an older model and they had to do some special modification which the owner did not up charged us for it at all. I might of found a cheaper company out there but I’m glad we went with these guys. We were so happy with the quality of the heater and workmanship that we even hired them to do our companies warehouse heater as well. Perfect work done again. They angled it so that it would heat the specific area that we wanted to heat up. For the third time we hired them to fix our broken heater and thermostat in our showroom. Again another perfect job done. I can’t say nothing but the best about these guys. I have and will recommend them to everyone.

Sam S., San Jose, CA

Great price and service. They explained what went wrong with my furnace so I could understand it and fixed it quickly. I am so glad I used them.

Susan S., Campbell., CA

My over all experience was great! They knew just what to do. They were able to explain everything to me in a way that I could understand and they were very professional. Im definitely glad I chose Cold Craft. As a Contractor, I must say that I am completely satisfied with the work that Cold Craft does. Reliable, professional, and most of all, knowledgeable. Not often am I blown away enough with someones work to write a review, but these guys deserve it!

Gary H., Santa Clara, CA

After many un-returned messages at other services and even a no show from one place we looked on Yelp and called Cold Craft. Robert came and fixed our furnace in no time at all. He was very pleasant and informative. We took his business card and posted it by the heater because he is our man going forward. This is the company to go with! Turns out it was even the best deal for our money too!

Lina H., San Jose, CA

I have to say I am really impressed by these guys. I saw them out at the Marriott Hotel using a crane to lift these units on the roof. I thought “How cool is that!” I looked them up up online and found out they work on residential stuff as well. I had them come and give me an estimate on replacing my heater and a/c. It was a good price, and once they finished everything worked like a charm. Definitely worth looking into.

Adam L., San Jose, CA

On a whole, Cold Craft gives you the most bang for your buck. Professional and reliable service. I would not hesitate to recommend Cold Craft to friends, family and business contacts and I regularly do so. Every referral I have sent to them has reported they had a very positive experience and were extremely happy to learn about Cold Craft and their services. I’m sure Cold Craft will around for a long time and I am very happy to send them business whenever I can.

Jason G., Santa Clara, CA

Great work by Cold Craft! They replaced my furnace and air-conditioning this last summer. The air conditioning was great during the heat wave and the furnace has been a blessing in the cold. Reliable and professional work, I highly recommend them.

Aaron D., San Jose, CA

I’ve used Cold Craft a few times now and I have always been happy with their customer service, timeliness and pricing. In one instance I had a furnace emergency late in the afternoon on a Friday. They had someone out to fix the problem the same day though they were quite busy. I don’t usually provide testimonials for companies, but the service provided by Cold Craft has been exemplary. They are my “go to” HVAC guys whenever I have a problem.

Bill W., San Jose, CA

Excellent service. Robert did a great job installing my new furnace. Even though it was late on the day before thanksgiving he did not rush the job and made sure everything was perfect before he left. The company are very professional. They call you back, turn up on time, and do all the small but obvious things so many others fail to do, even though this is a busy time of year for them. Another big plus was that the quote was for absolutely everything with no add-ons, fees, taxes, labour, or gotchas. They gave me a number and that’s what I paid.

Mark S., Campbell, CA

Very professional service. They explained what they are doing. If they could not do something, the said call someone else. Reasonable price. For the service done, I won’t mind even paying extra. Would sure hire them again for services. I found them through my Realtor network site. Very good contractors.

Aneetha V., San Jose, CA

Cold Craft is run professionally and efficiently! The technicians are knowledgable and installation was done well. Pricing is competitive and the owner is willing to go out of his way to be helpful with his offerings! Well managed business!

Stephen G., Saratoga, CA

I have been spending time at my mom’s house out in San Jose and she gets her AC checked every year. Well I called around and found this company. They have the best price around. $69 for a routine service. They came out changed the filters, checked the connections, etc. It was like a 25 point check and all for the amazing price of $69. I am real happy with that price and the company. What was a total plus is that they are Diamond Certified. You are not going to find a company who is Diamond Certified come out and do this kind of service for $69. Your just not. I called around.

Tina H., Redwood City, CA

Cold Craft was the most experienced professional contractor I have ever worked with. From start to finish, they excelled in every aspect. When Robert intially came out to discuss the project, he spent an hour and a half explaining things to me and answering every possible question I could possibly come up with.Another plus was that they are Diamond Certified — a rating they highly deserve.They finished the job on time and when they cleaned up I couldn’t tell they had been there because they cleaned up so well. When I had to reroute one pvc pipe, they came out quickly and made the adjustment. With their 18 month buy back program, how can you go wrong? After they installed my high energy efficient furnace, the therms on my utility bill dropped from 137 to 84 a month.

Diana B., Morgan Hill, CA

Cold Craft is a company I can confidently recommend to anyone who needs air conditioning or heating work done. My first experience with Cold Craft was during a multiple day heat wave and Kent came to my house on a late Friday afternoon. He spent this time to diagnose a failing condenser at my condominium, which Cold Craft replaced. My conversations with Kent revealed a company with ethics and professionalism. I found Cold Craft from a Diamond Certified Directory. I continued to use Cold Craft with my family when my sister required her AC condenser be returned from her garage to her balcony. I then moved to a townhouse complex that introduced a very complex scenario. I asked Kent to come review the house during my inspection and he said he could install a ductless air conditioning system. After his review I bought the townhouse and contracted with Cold Craft to install a ductless heat pump into a two story townhouse. I had such high confidence in Cold Craft I did not get a second opinion. I had only one problem after they left and they sent the technician back promptly to add additional covering of the pipes outside. I will recommend Cold Craft to family, friends and anyone else for any work they need done. My old air conditioner broke (during a heat wave of course) and I called Cold Craft (I found them from the Diamond Certified Book). Wow, What great service. I was able to get quick service. Within 7 days of my first call I had a new air conditioner installed. I called them again to have additional service and in a few weeks I will have them do a service check on my sister’s AC. I will recommend them to my family and friends.

Carrie M., Santa Clara, CA

The short story: I recommend Cold Craft. I had a great experience with Cold Craft for removing and replacing a furnace in a residential (3BR/2BA) home. The long story: Tenants in my 3BR/2BA rental reported the home’s 40 year-old furnace had basically fallen apart. I called around to a few HVAC repair/replace outfits, including Cold Craft. (I used the Yellow Pages; I did not have any recommendations or references.) After talking to Steve at Cold Craft, I somehow got a better feeling of competence than other operations. Cold Craft came out for an inspection. Emiliano and Roy were on time (early, actually). They confirmed the old furnace’s death, explaining its multiple problems and deficits. They gathered measurements and details, and explained options, recommendations, etc. They were clear, and did not pressure me. I received an email the next day with a detailed estimate. I arranged a schedule with Steve. I was glad to see Emiliano and Roy again (and on time again) to do the installation. They finished the installation within their estimated time. Their finished work is clean and professional; they cleaned the furnace closet; and they cleaned up after themselves. They explained the new furnace operations, maintenance, warranties, etc. What more could I ask? Kent Penning (president) included a feedback form with the paperwork, indicating he cares about customer satisfaction. (And with all of us on Yelp and the Web, I think Kent’s strategy is wise.) All in all I had a surprisingly pleasant experience with Cold Craft. (I wish I could say the same for dozens of other contractors I deal with!) I think Cold Craft pricing is reasonable and competitive. Sure, I could have shopped more and saved a few bucks, but my satisfaction is worth a lot more than that.

Rayon J., Soquel, CA

I would like to say that I am very happy with the service that this company provided me with. They gave me a great deal and they are very efficient. They serviced my heat pump and at this time I must say that everything is nice and warm. It’s important because it has been cold lately. I totally recommend them for the any of your heating needs. They did what they said they would do on time. It was a simple sheet metal job.

Glenn K., Campbell, CA

I am really happy with this heating and cooling company. I posted another review and Yelp did not post it. I don’t know why but this time I am giving the company 4 stars because i think that this might be posted. These guys came out a few weeks ago and they fixed my furnace and they did a wonderful job. I will use definitely use the company again. I called them and refer ed them to my friend and she too had a great experience. The service is great. The tech’s are very knowledgeable and they clean up right after they are finished. Cold Craft Air Conditioning & Heating was very knowledgeable and did a thorough job with my furnace. They explained everything very well. They did a fantastic job servicing my heating equipment. They are the best heating and air conditioning company I have ever worked with.

June W., Santa Clara, CA

I recently used them and they are great. They did a wonderful job. They service my heater and I had no problem with them. They are very informative and do a good job.

Horst B., Hayward, CA

I’m a professional residential property manager and used this company for several things. First, they were the first refrigeration company to get out and fix a dead cooling unit for a wine cellar full of high value wine, in the middle of the summer. They got out to assess the problem, got me a proposal and got back out to replace the broken unit very quickly and everything has been working fine since then. They also now do my HVAC maintenance and do an excellent job of hunting down the problems and repairing them quickly. Everyone that I have dealt with at this company, from the office to the service people, have been extremely helpful and professional.

Dan G., Los Altos, CA

They were very responsive and they returned my call quickly. The two technicians who came out seemed very competent and qualified. They explained what they were doing and they also consulted with the manufacturer to be sure that everything was done properly. They came highly recommended.

Ed J., Los Gatos, CA

Cold Craft installed a furnace for me this year and I am very happy with the entire experience. This is the second review where I rave about them because they gave me a great price and great service. My home has functioning heating and that is important with small children. The heating that the furnace gives is great. It evenly heats my home in no time. I am very happy with the service and product I received from Cold Craft Heating & Air Conditioning. I liked their knowledge. I got a new furnace from them. I liked the way they put it in and everything. They did a great job. Also, the servicemen they sent out were good. Professional, courteous, prompt and they came on site and gave us a great estimate. It was great customer service and a great experience.

Rosemary S., Los Gatos, CA

This company is awesome. They did the work that they said they would do and on time. They were honest and respectful of my home. They provided me with great customer service. The technician that came out is very knowlegable and the office staff is curteous and always ready to help. Thanks Cold Craft, my family and I will have a warm winter and cool summer.

Dave T., Santa Cruz, CA

The work was well done. It was presented well and it was of good quality. They came highly recommended. I can say that my heating equipment works very good. I feel really good about having used Cold Craft. They were clear about the entire process and explained the entire heat pump install. They cleaned up after the installation. Really good company.

Elizabeth N., San Jose, CA

Cold Craft is a heating/cooling company that either installs new equipment or fixes your old equipment. They are very professional and I’ve had no trouble in the summer since they installed a new air conditioner. They are the only vendor my HOA recommends and I can see why. Save time and money and call Cold Craft.

Kathy F., Saratoga, CA

A few weeks ago our air conditioning quit working. Both I and my wife work so we had to arrange a time when one of us was available for the technician to perform the repairs. David in the service department was extremely helpful. Even though we had to reschedule due to an unforeseen emergency, Cold Craft came out, on time as agreed. The technician was extremely professional and also very helpful. I felt he really took the time to explain our options and he got us back up and running very quickly. I have been looking for a good HVAC contractor and am pleased to report that Cold Craft exceeded all expectations. Thanks for the great job!

Steve S., San Jose, CA

Coldcraft said will be my house at 2pm. They were at the door at 2pm, even with short notice. Plus 1 star. They came and diagnose the issue and gave the reasons why it broke in simple terms. Plus 2 stars. They fixed it with pointers on ways to prevent the problem and gave me 90day warranty.Plus 2 stars. Good service, good people, good company.

Doug V., San Jose, CA

As a professional remodeler, CASE Remodeling depends on the expertise and accuracy of the sub-contractors we use. Based on their attention to detail and customer service, without any reservation we can state that Cold Craft Heating and Cooling as become our exclusive HVAC contractor.

Mike B,, CASE Remodeling, San Jose

Kent and his team operate at the highest level of integrity and knowledge. Everyone that I dealt with from Kent all the way down the line were pleasant, courteous and knowledgeable. When they immediately didn’t have an answer for me the obtained it and got back to me. The service technicians were knowledgeable and took the time to explain to me in detail what they were doing and why. I would recommend Kent and his team to anyone needing heating or air conditioning service.”

Lynn G-S.

The woman they send out is excellent. She communicates what is wrong so we can avoid the problem in the future. I am rating them an 8 based on her excellent performance. I really like her.

Los C.

It was an emergency and they helped me at a fair price.

F. B. C.

They were prompt, and the technician was very good at keeping me informed. When we asked them to come back to solve a problem, the office staff was very efficient.

Janis T.

I like the man that came out to do the work and he spoke English.

Francis B.

They fit me in during an emergency situation that I had.

Cathy C.