Replace Your Grocery CasesWith energy prices on the rise and no relief in sight, savvy supermarket owners are looking over their utility bills, making adjustments to their usage, and upgrading their equipment. They know that replacing older units with high-efficiency equipment is a smart way to reduce overhead, loss, and risk all at once. They’ll make their investment back many times over, while companies that focus on repairs and maintaining inefficient equipment will continue to lose money and customers.

Reduce overhead … Stop paying for energy you AREN’T using

The average American supermarket can use up to 73% of its electricity on refrigeration. That’s a huge portion of the company’s overhead and any inefficiencies will add up quickly. Not just the cost to run the cases, but also the cost to continuously repair older and outdated equipment, to fill with expensive refrigerant and the labor cost to move product out of a case that isn’t holding temperature, the inefficient lighting, plus the cost of over-taxing a temporary unit during repairs or perhaps the rental cost for portable refrigeration.

Cold Craft can assess your cases, and help you determine what needs to be improved or if the best option is replacement. Replacing an old case with a newer ENERGY STAR®-certified unit can change your overhead drastically, as ENERGY STAR®-certified grocery cases are up to 30% more efficient than the standard cases they replace.

In some cases, replacing multiple single-condensing refrigeration units and evaporative cooling racks with higher efficiency alternatives can save hundreds of thousands of dollars, with the replacements literally paying for themselves in the first 2 to 3 years.

Reduce loss … Stop losing money and customers

Issues with refrigeration lead to higher loss rates, and also can affect the buying habits of your customers. The entire purpose behind a refrigeration case is the preservation of your product. An inefficient case doesn’t preserve as well as an efficient one, leading to unattractive produce, or worse—spoilage. Spoilage can also occur during transportation as product may need to be transferred to a functioning case during the repair process, bruising of the produce or damage to packaging can make it harder to sell as well.

Sometimes, if a customer receives a spoiled product they will come back and ask for an item exchange, but usually they just write your store—especially if the product has spoiled before the expiration date or worse yet, they don’t come back.

Reduce accidents and injuries … Stop them before they happen

High-efficiency refrigeration units and equipment can even make your building a safer place to work and shop.

Efficient grocery cases don’t have as many condensation issues as inefficient ones do, lessening the incidence of water on the floor and lowering the possibility of an employee or customer hurting themselves in a slip or fall.

To take this benefit even further Cold Craft can install anti-sweat heater (ASH) controls in your refrigeration cases. They reduce power supply to the heaters in accordance with the relative humidity around the display case, lowering condensation to near-zero levels and saving energy output along the way.

Get cash back

In addition to savings along the way, the EPA and many utility companies incentivize replacing old refrigeration units with high-efficiency equipment in the form of rebates and tax deductions.

In California’s Bay Area, local energy companies offers a wide range of rebate programs and incentives to replace older cases with energy-efficient ENERGY STAR® models. Cold Craft will help you identify the rebates that can save you the most, and make sure you get the highest return on your investment. Cold Craft works with an energy auditor from CleaResult, the leader in transforming energy challenges into energy efficiency solutions, to ensure you’re getting the equipment you need and the highest rebates possible.

Act NOW to save the MOST

Energy prices aren’t going down anytime in the near future. Start your conservation effort now, and start saving as quickly as you can. Contact Cold Craft today online or call 408.374.7292 to schedule a refrigeration efficiency assessment. We’ll be more than happy to work with you to find the solution that works for you and your company’s bottom line.

Cold Craft installs, maintains, and repairs refrigeration and HVAC equipment for retail markets in the Bay Area such as Zanotto’s Markets, and Chavez Supermarkets. We work with ENERGY STAR® partners and install EPA-trusted equipment from Kysor Warren™. Visit our commercial refrigeration site for more information. Lic #631837

By Published On: June 6, 2018

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