We Believe in These Values…

Cold Craft Core Values:

At Cold Craft, Inc. we believe in these values:

  • Is “getting” the project or job
  • Is being an Ambassador for the company and getting referrals from others
  • Is beating our labor and materials budgets while not compromising quality
  • Is longevity, co-workers with long tenures, outlasting the competitors’ tenure
  • Is embracing and driving change (new markets, techniques, etc.)
  • Is working with and for people that are talented and productive.
  • Is measuring our performance and seeking continual improvement.
  • Is having employees that are solution providers
  • By offering value to our customers by doing the things that set us apart
  • Do more with less
  • By beating our labor and materials budgets for projects
  • Through the smart purchasing of equipment and materials
  • Getting new team members to be productive ASAP 
  • By striking a healthy work – life balance
  • By enjoying what we do
  • By not taking ourselves too seriously
  • By enjoying life and new experiences
  • By only working with people that are talented, productive and respectab
  • Is being punctual
  • By being frugal with our time, our vendor’s time and the customer’s time
  • Our team members
  • Our customers
  • Our vendors / suppliers
  • Our company share holders
  • Is being a part of something bigger than ourselves
  • Our team members include:
    • Coworkers, customers, vendors/suppliers and company share holders.
  • Teamwork requires that we help each other and lean on each other to get the job done right.
  • Being a part of a team means that you know and draw on the strengths of others to create synergy.

Synergy, is two or more things functioning together to produce a result not independently obtainable. That is, if elements A and B are combined, the result is greater than the expected arithmetic sum A+B.