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Identifying And Reducing Energy Costs

When a buildings’ operating costs eat into the profits it is time to research the cause(s) and take action steps.

Comfort heating and cooling as well as water heating can account for approximately 52% of the building’s energy costs.  This is a good place to start looking for energy hogs.

These steps are a good way to get control of the HVAC and water heating in buildings.

  • Get a professional evaluation of the systems serving the buildings.
  • Evaluate the supporting elements of the equipment to assure proper working condition. (Duct leakage)
  • Create a maintenance schedule for the equipment and hire a professional to maintain and service the equipment to lengthen the equipment’s life.  To be effective this work should be performed by a professional.
  • Make a plan for replacement for equipment looking at the average lifespan of the specific type of equipment, make a schedule to budget for the replacement.

More information from the Department of Energy .

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