Why Perform Maintenance on Your Furnace Every Year?

The most important and urgent answer might not even cross your mind… Most people that get regular maintenance on their furnace think that they are just making sure that the furnace lasts longer and gets [...]

Are Your Wines Ready for Prime Time?

Cold Craft specializes in customized wine cellar refrigeration for the wine collector. Let us help you determine the best solution for your wine cellar refrigeration to insure your wine is preserved, protected and ready to [...]

Most Experienced & Reliable HVAC Firm Gets New Look

Cold Craft New Brand Look Cold Craft's new logo highlights that they are all about temperature and wine cellar refrigeration. CAMPBELL, Calif., June 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Cold Craft opened its doors in [...]

Will Your AC Fail the Hot Weather Test?

Ask any heating and air conditioning (AC) company and they will tell you that the first sign of warm weather doesn’t drive the calls for AC help. It’s the hotter days, especially the second or [...]

Dangerous Heat Exchanger Hole Found on Tune Up

50% Off This Week (12/13/21) Call Cold Craft today at 408.374.7292. It's possible we saved a family when we found this hole in the heat exchanger of a residential furnace. This furnace was less than [...]