What’s all the buzz about this commercial HVAC technology?

Exchange your old big clunky equipment to a designed custom heating and cooling system

I’m sure if you have spent any time in an office building the offices near the window are often too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer, unless the air conditioning is on, then occupants in the interior area are cold. Zones on one side of the shaded building are cooler than the ones with the sunshine, etc.

Different departmental functions may require varying temperatures. Type of work that the occupants do will require different temperatures, for example someone unloading boxes will likely want it cooler than a more sedentary office worker. This is enough to drive the facility manager crazy!

Here is the answer to that facility manager’s nightmare. HVAC manufacturers have developed the ability to heat one zone while simultaneously cooling another zone at any given time.

We are not talking about a small area either. The possibilities are that (depending on the manufacturer) 1 outdoor unit can run 64 indoor units for potentially 64 different zones, and because they mastered heat recovery these systems using Variable Refrigerant technologies can really help the comfort and functionality of the building. This all done while removing that outdated big equipment with just one outdoor unit. So, the building can be custom heated or cooled per the building or zone functionality and occupants.