Commercial Heating & AC

Cold Craft Commercial Heating and Air Conditioning

heating_acCold Craft is the thought leader in commercial green heating and AC.

Some of our very first projects were a series of conversions from ozone damaging CFCs to environmentally friendly refrigerants.

Today we still seek out innovative solutions for our commercial clients with installation and service alternatives.

Programs that assist with energy efficiency through:

  • Installation of innovative Geothermal systems
  • Scheduled Preventive Maintenance
  • High efficiency equipment
  • Programmable thermostats
  • Duct pressure testing
  • Advanced diagnostic testing equipment and training

Whether you're a property manager, apartment management company, builder owner, management company or just someone trying to keep maintenance costs within budget, Cold Craft has the tools and personnel to meet your needs.



NATEWe can assist you in achieving your building management goals by:

  • Insisting our Installers and Technicians attain and hold NATE certifications
  • Providing the most comprehensive training and onsite instruction available
  • Hiring Journeyman level field personnel

Cold Craft, Inc. San Jose California Area


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