Engineering for Retrofit or New Build

Luxury and custom homes often require more finesse to both make the occupants comfortable and to make the Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVAC R) an integrated part of the home. A mechanical engineer is a critical component for the HVAC R in the home in the planning stages or for retrofit projects to make sure that the equipment not only fits and operates correctly, but to assure there is ample access to the equipment for servicing and maintenance.

Cold Craft’s engineering department works with the client, the client’s architect and the project’s builder to make sure that the project flows smoothly. Cold Craft has been tapped to help with the mechanical equipment for estate homes because there were issues with sizing or maintenance access or clearances have been overlooked and this adds expense as well as inconvenience for the residents. Taking care of these issues up front is critical and when addressed in the planning stages many options can be available to satisfy the needs of the occupants.