I am totally impressed with this company and their professionalism! Last fall Cold Craft came to my house to inspect our furnaces, which were over 23 years old. Our utility bills in the winter were well over $400 and we almost never used the upstairs furnace and used the downstairs furnace frugally. The technician inspected both furnaces and told us that the upstairs one was still OK because it had not had much use over the years. However, the downstairs one in our garage was a different story and it was determined to be in very poor shape and a serious safety hazard. In fact, the heat exchanger was cracked and there was a possibility that we had a potential carbon monoxide issue as well. Cold Craft replaced the furnace with a 95% efficiency one in one day and we could immediately tell the difference. The unit was much quieter and our utility bills dropped to around $250. This spring Cold Craft added duct work to the furnace because they determined that the builder of our house had not utilized enough ducting for optimal air flow. They explained to us why we needed to do this and even showed us the air flow calculations. It was great to work with such knowledgeable people at Cold Craft and I would definitely use their services again.

Genia J., Saratoga, CA

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