Milpitas Home Goes Renewable for Heating and Air Conditioning With A Geothermal Installation and a Climate Master Heat Pump Installed by Cold Craft, Inc.

After much analyzing and comparison a family with 2 residences in a cluster home (where homes share a common driveway) decided to add geothermal to their homes to provide energy efficient heating and cooling. The space was very tight but when the contractor Cold Craft, Inc. learned that they wished to replace their driveway the answer was simple – put the loops under the driveway allowing any gardening the family wished. So Cold Craft, Inc. moved forward with equipment supplied from Green Equipment Options, Inc. (GEO) and installed Climate Master Equipment.

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Some renewable HVAC solutions come with a great benefit, a 30% Federal Tax Credit.

For people interested in learning how to lower electric bills at home, geothermal is the way to go.


Lower Energy & Utility Bills with Geothermal Heating & Cooling Homeowners can save up to 80% each year on heating, cooling and hot water bills just by switching from a traditional HVAC system to a ClimateMaster geothermal heating and cooling system. According to the US Department of Energy, the typical American family spends at least $2,000 a year on home utility bills. Heating, cooling and hot water costs combined make up over 70% of the typical utility bill, so installing energy efficient HVAC systems, like a ClimateMaster geothermal system, may be one of the smartest home improvement investments you can make.

This Milpitas customer was interested in reducing their carbon footprint and they are drilled, filled and enjoying renewable heating and air with no guilt.

ClimateMaster’s geothermal heat pumps are ENERGY STAR® qualified for energy efficiency because they are incredibly up to 400-600% efficient, whereas the highest efficiency gas furnace is only 98% efficient. ClimateMaster’s newest series of geothermal heat pumps, the Tranquility Digital Series, proudly carries the ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient 2012 designation for being among the most energy efficient products that are ENERGY STAR® qualified. For people interested in learning how to lower electric bills at home, geothermal is the way to go.


If you need help with temperature, contact Cold Craft, Inc.

408.374.7292 or [email protected]

By Published On: September 27, 2014

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