I once worked for a local cable company and every year we would get a call or two from a resident stating that someone knocked on their door unscheduled to access their home to check the signal.  You need to know that they can check the signal from exterior of your home and they would not be asking for access unless they had an appointment.

We would sometimes hear about cases where people posed as the water company (to check the water quality), city officials (to check a building inspection) and lately we heard that they are representing a furnace or air conditioning service company (claiming to fix the appliance).  We know from a couple of instances that the water company trick is simply to gain access to the home to steal from the resident.  This trick is usually done with 2 people one to keep you busy the other to case and steal from you.  It isn’t clear what the intention of the city worker and furnace repair impersonations.

Its important to only allow people in your home if you have an appointment or if you can verify their identity.  A company logo on clothing may not be enough.  Call the company and verify the identity of the person, look for their service vehicle with identification.  Do not allow them the person at your door to push his or her way into the home.  It’s harder to keep someone out when there are mutliple ways to get in. If your home is hot, consider turning on the furnace fan and or air conditioning rather than opening a window or door.

A police officer friend suggests that if you are not expecting anyone that you ask through the door who they are and just tell them that you are not interested if they do not have an appointment.  Ignoring the person at the door may or may not be effective.  They may be knocking to see if anyone is home before they atttempt to break in.

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Children at home is another worry. They may be old enough to stay home alone, but having children ignore the person at the door may be a mistake since the knockere may be checking to see who is home prior to attempting a break in.  Great deterrants include dog(s) barking, armed alarm systems (especially hooked up to the police station), children yelling to their parents telling them that there is someone at the door, etc.

These preditors will pass on more difficult homes for an easier target.  The best way to prevent issues is not to be the easiest home to access.



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By Published On: September 25, 2014

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