Wine Serving Temperatures Bring Out the Best in the Wine.

You select your wine based on specific criteria red or white, Australia or Napa, high or low acid, we even focus on the glass to serve it in (maybe Reidel wine glasses are onto something).  You may be storing your wine in your wine cellar, a wine chiller or a Vinotheque cabinet, so you care…
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Looking for Energy Efficiency? Take a look at Your Furnace Filter.

by Susan Nichol Most people know that changing the filter in your furnace is important, but it often gets missed as a part of regular maintenance or they don’t realize the strain you place on your furnace when you don’t simply change the filter. A clean filter offers some great benefits aside from extending the…
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The Benefits of Renewable Energy from Solar

How big is your carbon footprint? Well it can go down a few shoe sizes when you get solar installed. The beauty of solar is that it can be used to heat and cool your home with no global climate impact. It takes energy to make heat, when energy is made it pollutes the atmosphere, when we use existing solar energy it does not. Burning wood for heat creates the most pollution. Natural gas or oil, both cause pollution when they burn, but natural gas emits less pollution than oil. So what about electric heat? When electricity is created at a power plant it creates pollution, especially when they use coal or natural gas.

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Furnace Replacement – Why the Furnace Thermostat is Important…

By Susan Nichol Ok so you are getting a new furnace and the heating contractor suggests a new thermostat (or T-stat), you are considering skipping that on the quote and make due with your thermostat even that mercury T-stat. It's important to see why the contractor is suggesting a new T-stat.  Will the old T-stat…
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Furnace in Need of Repair or Replacement?

Yes? Well you have come to the right page for information about what to do next.

The first question that comes to mind is should it be repaired or replaced? (Pictured below, older unit, rusting, dirty, likelyhood of more repairs is high.)

A PG&E representative recently suggested to start looking for a new furnace when yours is at about 12-15 years old, other sources I checked with all appear to fall within the same range although many suggest 15 years. 15 years is about the average life of the normal furnace. There are factors that affect this like regular preventative maintenance and usage.

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What to look for in a heating contractor.

By Susan Nichol When it comes to exchanging money in this economy be very aware of the tricks that unlicensed, inexperienced, uninsured contractors use to get business, at any cost to the customer.  This is especially true when it comes to heating and air conditioning, the result of picking the wrong or cheap contractor can…
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