Jerry Smith  Canadian Appliance source a blogger in Canada has some ideas that you may or may not have thought of. I certainly never thought of all of these options. Check out some of the items on his blog and see what ones you would be interested in.

Are you looking for kitchen remodeling? Just close your eyes, and think what kind of kitchen first comes to your mind? Some may want it vintage taking you back in times while some like it modern. Remodeling a kitchen is an expensive investment and hence everything you invest needs to be taken care of. You need to get a perfect return for your investment. Opt for ideas which can convert your kitchen in to something timeless as well as durable.

A dream kitchen would invite a list of things, which you have always wanted for your kitchen. It may be on different themes and designs. Here are some of the things, which occupies the dream list of almost every household owners, to be brought into their kitchen.

  • Get Pot Filler:


Why schlep up a heavy foodplate near the sink to fill it up with water. You can have a water outlet right on the top of your stove. This would ease up the task of kitchen countertop getting dirty and also the pain you take from shifting things here and there.


  • Walk-in-pantry – The trend of time:


Someone fond of cooking would definitely want this for sure. An entire place to store food ingredients and cook books is like a dream come true. It can also store in the fancy utensils and breakable crockery to be used occasionally.

  • Hidden Sponge storage:


Sponges used for cleaning the utensils often create mess after the work is completed as the water drools here and there. It clutters up the entire sink side and make it look ugly. The hidden spaces to store them are often hidden from every eye apart from yours and helps in making the sink side look better and neat.

  • Dish towel hamper with built-in racks:3222397689_297ed19d91

Wet sponges aren’t the only kitchen item which you would prefer to ‘not-look’ at. Dish towels follow them. One can have a dedicated drawer with hanger for both clean and dirty dish towels.


  •  Wall of appliances:



This is a must need thing. A dedicated wall to store all kind of appliances is a desirable thing to have in the kitchen. It looks great and is the most convenient way to store appliances like oven, microwave, dishwasher etc.

  • Extra panels for Waterworks:


Having a water supply apart from the main sink at the places where it is required is a convenient kitchen design. It would ease the task and make the place look tidier.

  • Two Dishwashers instead of one:


Apart from 2 sinks, 2 dishwashers create ease at work in kitchen. Having the fresh plates taken out directly from the dishwasher and putting it on the table would create a positive impression. Just one dishwasher would be required to fill in with dirty plates. When you have two you can allot them dedicatedly.

  • Invisible Outlets:


There can be island countertops with hidden outlets. It looks smarter and is a convenient way rather than breaking up the backsplashes to make the required outlets. Under the countertop outlets works good.

  • Innovative Knife storage:


There can be box which can be pulled out or it can pop up to display the knives in it. It is safe and looks just perfect.


  • Bigger cabinet drawers:


Image credit: flickr

Big drawers with dish racks helps in making the crockery fit perfectly and in style.


  • Roll outs for better storage:6191632593_e92dd5c6b4

Behind the cabinet doors, one can have a roll out cabinet. Looks classy and elegant. Also the work of arranging the utensils gets easier. With such drawers, one would have a dedicated space for everything.

  • Upper cabinets to store countertop appliances:


There are appliances like mixers and choppers which are used on the kitchen countertops and for them upper cabinet storage is the best place. They can be removed and brought down easily instead lifting it up from one place to other.


  • Ice maker in the house:


While a party is on, of course you won’t want to be at the gas station to grab a bag of ice which is leaking terribly. For the same one can have an ice maker in pantry which is nearer to grab the ice.

  • A dumbwaiter as extended service:


Innovativeness is always invited in kit