You may be temped to use unlicensed heating and cooling contractors but think twice…  Find why to always use a licensed contractor and scroll down for some stories and complaints about unlicensed contractors that made the news.

There are safe guards in place when you use a licensed contractor.  These safeguard range from liability, automobile and workers compensation insurance, to built in third party mediation from the state the contractor is licensed in.  If you use the umlicensed comtractor and they get hurt on your property you could be sued, they can also cause considerable damage to your home or your family’s health.  If you plam on selling your home it could also cost you more to make the installation able to pass inspection – by correcting the mistakes of others.

Let’s start with the insurance -protection for your family, your assets and your sanity.

Liability Insurance: When you install heating or air conditioning you are dealing with the explosive dangers of natural gas, the potentially fatal aspect of carbon monixide from a furnace that does not exhaust properly (see below) and the shocking problems associated with electrical work.  These are the risks to your health and your property when you hire an unlicensed (and often inexperienced contractor).

Workers Compensation Insurance: You are really exposing yourself if someone is hurt while working on your property.  I had this happen to me but I used a licensed and insured contractor.  One of their employees fell through the ceiling while working in the attic.  It scared me but I as reassurred by the contractor that I was covered.

Automobile Insurance: This will protect you in the event that the driver hits your property or another’s property while working at your location (think about it, your contractor damages your neighbor’s car while backing up, it sure would be more comforting if they had automobile insurance.

Ask for the insurance certitifcate before you sign a contract or start work, it could be the smartest thing you ever did.

Dispute Resolution… Suppose the project does not go as planned and the contractor is not willing to come back kand correct an issue – or orse yet you paid them and do not know how to reach them.

Third Party Mediation: This provides you a lot of protection from unfair or illegal practices – but only if you choose a licensed contractor.

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Pictured: furnace with no connection to the exhaust. This was a garage installation, but still can be fatal.  The customer told us it was always like that, the contractor was to come back to correct the issue years ago.

disconnected flue pipe-resized-600

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By Published On: September 22, 2014

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