This Labor Day, Consider a Career with Cold Craft

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For most people, Labor Day is a celebration of the best thing since sliced bread: the weekend. And, of course, the men and women who fought for us to have it. We work hard, and thanks to the Labor Union Movement, we can also play hard. Cold Craft, Inc. is a work hard play hard

Cold Craft Survives 25 Years: in a World of Tech Celebs to the Mummified

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HVAC R Firm Cold Craft, Inc. reaches 25 years serving the San Francisco Bay Area. San Jose, CA., November 16, 2016 Cold Craft, Inc. (CCI) started as most trades with a humble beginning, but eventually was named many times as a top HVAC performer in the Silicon Valley Business Journal and earned 15 consecutive years

Sustainability of geothermal heat pumps

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Call the graphic at left “The Blossom of Sustainability.” There’s nothing but benefits with the deployment of millions more geothermal heat pumps (GHPs). They separate society from the use of fossil fuels for occupied buildings. GHPs connect with thermal energy underground like a battery. That’s access to a sustainable renewable resource. Sustainability GHPs are long-lived.

Military Bases and Government Go Geo Heat Pumps

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U.S. military bases soon will add ground source heat pumps to an arsenal of energy savers, according to Oklahoma State University professor Jim Bose. The federal Energy Department recently selected five companies, all affiliated with the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association, to manage $500 million in geothermal heat pump projects. Bose heads the association,