Parking Garage Deferred Maintenance = High Risk

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Commissioning a parking garage is a big hurdle, but once the garage opens many owners think the responsibility ends there, ignoring maintenance of the exhaust system and mandatory annual sensor calibration. The general public is at risk when this maintenance is ignored.  People using the parking garage, including tenants, retail establishments, and restaurants who’re connected

Kent’s 7 Rules for Small Business Server Rooms

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Get the most efficient equipment you can afford. Server rooms are expected to perform constantly throughout the day, every day, the efficiency will be worth it in terms of reduced operating costs. The newer more efficient equipment will also be more reliable than older equipment. Green bragging rights, and the good feelings of knowing that

Parking Structures Air Quality Safety Often Overlooked

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Parking garage safety typically conjures up ideas of lighting, accidents and maybe even slip and falls. There is an invisible but sometimes deadly safety issue that many facility managers and owners overlook probably because it is invisible and that is air quality in

That Parking Garage You Visit Daily Can Be Affecting Your Health

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Did you know there could be a “Silent Killer” in your parking garage?  This killer is automobile exhaust.  Some components of exhaust are invisible, colorless, odorless and tasteless but deadly and that main deadly component is Carbon Monoxide (CO).