Reverse Logistics…what is that?  Well it can be a lot of things.

For me when I worked at a Fortune 100 company I had to solve a problem.  Customers had discontinued service but did not return their leased devices.  Yes, the monthly leasing bills were still generated for the equipment lease, but equipment without services killed my revenue and just continuing the monthly lease was not an option.  We needed an answer to get that equipment returned to us to be redeployed to customers paying for the service too My direct area of responsibility for equipment returns was a customer base of 415,000.

We had a lot of equipment MIA. After researching many industry specific solutions and hearing sales solutions that seemed implausable and clunky, I spoke to Scott Tellier of OnProcess Technology.  He compared similar industries with B2C issues such as cell phone companies and medical device companies and showed me how they helped them.

I took a chance and they really made me look good. I was reporting equipment returns to the regional office with the values in the millions per quarter when my counterparts used the same industry experts – they spent more money and had results in the tens of thousands.

Onprocess Technology worked with us, brainstormed with us – Onprocess Technology really wanted to understand what we needed and what we did before working on a solution.



On another occasion the equipment we had in customers homes was recalled for a safety issue.  OnProcess was excellent in getting us all of the thousands of recalled merchandise replaced.

I am no longer at that Fortune 100 company but OnProcess had such a positive impact on our area’s numbers that I was the keynote speaker at the company’s annual conference in Miami.

If you need to get back recalled equipment, if you need to swap out equipment, if you need to improve your service supply chain optimization, lower operating costs or even have someone handle your post sale service operations, OnProcess Technology is worth talking to.

OnProcess Technology has a white paper that you can access by clicking this link.

Here is some information about their services:

OnProcess Technology provides service supply chain optimization and customer experience management services to some of the world’s leading technology companies; giving them visibility into, control of, and actionable data-driven insights from, their service supply chain and customer experience processes.

The idea for OnProcess began in 1998 when Ed Barry, a former software executive with more than 20 years in enterprise and automation software for large-scale manufacturing and distribution programs, accepted the challenge of building a more efficient reverse logistics management system for a Fortune 500 client.

Since that first effort, OnProcess has pioneered the development of comprehensive service supply chain optimization programs using advanced methods and technologies that can be applied to meet the specific performance goals of its clients. Unlike point solutions which address symptoms or component problems, our comprehensive approach, combining people, process and technology, enables us to fully diagnose, address and solve our clients’ service supply chain challenges. In the years that have followed, our size and service offerings have grown and diversified along with our client base, but always with the core component contained in Our Mission – to provide measurable, predictable and sustainable results for our clients.

Today, OnProcess Technology conducts business in over a dozen languages for multinationals around the world. We have offices and workers active around the clock. Our clients are leaders in Broadband/Cable, Wireless Communications, Telecom Equipment, Consumer Electronics, Retail, Medical Devices and Network and Storage Technology. Most have been with us for well over five years.

Working with OnProcess saves our client companies many millions of dollars annually and, by improving the customer experience, provides them with the ability to effectively differentiate on operational and service excellence, rather than price.

If you need help with temperature, contact Cold Craft, Inc.

408.374.7292 or [email protected]

By Published On: September 25, 2014

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