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Cold Craft Commercial Heating & Air Conditioning Proactive Maintenance

Cold Craft is the thought leader in commercial green heating and AC.

Most property managers and facility managers are not aware commercial property HVAC maintenance agreements can usually be terminated with just a 30 days notice.

Today we still seek out innovative solutions for our commercial clients with installation and service alternatives. Programs that assist with energy efficiency through:

  • Installation of innovative Geothermal systems
  • Scheduled Proactive Maintenance
  • High efficiency equipment
  • Programmable thermostats
  • Duct pressure testing
  • Advanced diagnostic testing equipment & training

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Commercial HVAC Proactive Maintenance

The companies and commercial property owners that manage their buildings best, have Periodic Maintenance for the building including their HVAC.


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These facility ambassadors know that proactive maintenance for HVAC has the following benefits:

1. Reduce downtime and productivity loss which could be devastating to a business and employee morale.
2. Plan for replacement during the slower time in the business – replace it when the facility manager wants to not when the equipment gives up.
3. Improve energy efficiency thus reducing energy costs, and perhaps even improve company image.
4. Keep employees comfortable, happy and productive.

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Cold Craft has been serving the bay area since 1991 helping commercial property owners maintain, service and install new HVAC equipment. Call us for your unique needs 408.374.7292

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