The Earthlinked Technologies Systems has equipment to cool and heat your home, the cooling mode also has the capability of putting that wasted heat to use by heating your pool.

Some cooling and heating systems qualify for federal tax credits when you use renewable energy.  You heard that solar offers this tax credit, but so does the form of renewable energy being suggested is called geothermal.  Conventional air conditioning systems dump the heat removed from your home into the outside air. Wouldn’t that be great to harness that heat and reuse it to – well, heat your pool water?

back yard poolOne example of this is a recent installation in Campbell, California.

If you look at the picture above to the right of the pool under that bush is where we tapped into the pool system and trenched to that side of the home to connect the installed geothermal heat pump.  Using the pool water to cool the home creates an economical method of heating your pool.

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The climate in the bay area of California is ideally suited to this application.  After much studying of this application U C Davis endorses its use in their recent research paper.  There is little concern that the water will be over heated, because the pool has a large volume of water – but if that did occur we have a solution for that as well.

heat exchanger

This particular heat exchanger is made of a special material to stand up to the chlorinated pool water. Some custom control wiring was needed to interlock the pool pump and the air conditioning system.

The home is 2,500 sq ft. the manual J heat gain calculations indicated that only a 3 ton cooling system was needed. This system was started on 95 degree day. This system easily pulled the home down from 74 to 68 degrees.

The hot summer air temperature does not affect this type of system and the condensing temperatures are much lower than normal.  It’s green because it consumes a significantly lower amount of electricity than conventional systems.

When pool water is used to cool your home, the system qualifies as a geothermal system. Check with your tax professional to see if you qualify for a 30% Federal Tax credit that is available for qualifying systems like this. Please see more information on IRS form 5695. The Federal Government sees the energy saving value in this type of system and that it will cost more than a traditional system and that is why a tax credit has been made available.

Your home may be a good candidate for a system like this if :

  • the pool equipment is near the home
  • there is space for a heat pump close to the pool equipment
  • you want to be green
  • you want a 30 % federal tax credit
  • you have another heat source for the pool for winter time usage
  • you have solar electricity generating system
  • you want a quiet system
  • your existing system is at the end of it’s life and is due to be replaced
  • you live in condominium or town house complex – and community rec room air conditioner is located close to the pool equipment

Call Cold Craft, Inc. for more information at 408.374.7292 or email [email protected].

If you need help with temperature, contact Cold Craft, Inc.

408.374.7292 or [email protected]

By Published On: September 24, 2014

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