LPA® technology (Liquid Pressure Amplification) is in use around the world, providing unrivalled energy and cost savings, and vital environmental benefits for supermarkets, cold stores, process cooling, and air conditioning systems.

Euro Foods Saves $42,500 per year with LPA pumps.”


Liquid Pressure Amplification units (LPA’s) can significantly increase the energy efficiency and capacity of conventional refrigeration systems. LPAs can deliver refrigerant up to 40 times more efficiently than compressors. LPA® can be applied to manytypes of refrigeration plant, including air conditioning systems. The benefits depend upon the type ofrefrigerant being used in the plant and the operating conditions. This is a specialist area and advice should be sought from the refrigeration plant’s manufactureror service contractor to determine the applicability of LPA to any particular refrigeration system. The economicapplication depends upon the size of the chilling plant,the minimum size to consider installing LPA would beon a compressor of at least 100 kW electrical load,based on an 8,000 hour operating period.

Each LPA® application saves on average 32,500kWh per year in a typical refrigeration environment depending on size, cooling efficiency and mean ambient temperatures. There are nearly 43,000 LPA® applications in operation today, and the global environmental reduction of carbon emissions is being reduced by a staggering 600,925 metric tons / year from the LPA® product. download-our-whitepaper


Cold Craft, Inc. has been installing the LPA® technology for our refrigeration customers. Contact us for a free no obligation consultation of how your refrigeration equipment can be more energy efficient.

 Trust approved LPA® products can provide today.




**Courtesy Hy-save Technologies.


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By Published On: September 24, 2014

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