PECI’s engineering team supports our clients’ energy-efficiency initiatives by providing broad technical support for demand side management offerings as well as in-depth energy analysis of individual projects. Our work includes investigation and analysis of energy-efficiency technologies and approaches – from energy savings and cost-effectiveness calculations to energy modeling via building simulation; from development of work papers to creation of cutting-edge analysis tools. We also provide technical support and oversight of project and program implementation.

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Engineering Analysis
Our engineers perform detailed analysis of buildings and buildings systems by utilizing site specific information including performance data on installed systems in conjunction with custom and commercially available energy analysis tools. This includes energy calculations and modeling of all types. Our engineers are proficient at multivariable regressions to determine whole building savings independent from changes in weather and other variables. Our engineers are also experienced at collecting and deducing meaningful results from surveys.

Applied Research
PECI conducts research and analysis to support advances in the application of building science principles and energy-efficiency technologies. Our research results in practical knowledge and guidance related to building performance, building operating strategies, verification of savings, codes and standards, and building commissioning. Our research team is developing state-of-the-art analysis methods for determining savings with a whole building approach.

Measure Development
PECI’s engineering team examines market trends and real-world data to strategically select new measures for specific markets. We conduct market and manufacturer research, calculate proposed energy savings using eQUEST and other tools, develop utility work papers, and train PECI and client staff to implement new measures in the field.

To develop new energy-saving measures, PECI engineers first research technologies and select potential measures. For each measure, they develop a unitized energy saving model, calibrate that model to typical market conditions, and propose terms and conditions that will help ensure savings and customer satisfaction. PECI then proposes the new measure to utility clients or advisory boards such as the Regional Technical Forum, an advisory committee chartered to develop standards for energy savings in the Northwest region.

Energy-Savings Calculations
PECI performs energy-savings calculations using client-provided, commercially-available and internally-developed tools. Calculations may be applied to specific applications, or conducted to represent an average expected result. This allows us to forecast savings specific to our clients’ service territories.

Energy Modeling
PECI’s engineering specialists work with big box stores and regional chains to ensure newly built stores are as efficient as possible. The team reviews the store plans, models baseline energy use and identifies potential energy-efficiency measures. Our engineers calculate the potential energy savings and incremental costs, and conduct a cost-effectiveness analysis for the entire project. We present the results in a way that is relevant to business owners, clearly presenting costs and benefits and guiding businesses in making energy-efficiency investments over the short and long term.

Additionally, eQUEST modeling is used for analysis and development of new measures. Our engineering team also reviews energy savings analyses generated by other companies in support of our client’s programs. Our team has expertise using eQuest, Trane TRACE and other common software tools and uses batch processing to assess a wide range of variables.

Measurement & Verification
We leverage our expertise in M&V to ensure our programs deliver verifiable results, and provide transparency to third-party evaluators. We also develop practical guidelines and provide M&V services to accurately assess the energy savings associated with an energy-efficiency project. We develop the M&V plan, collect and analyze the data, and produce conclusions and reports for our clients.

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By Published On: March 19, 2015

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