Climate Master - Geothermal Heat Pump Systems

Estate homes are embracing the renewable form of heating and cooling for their homes, geothermal – this method uses the earth instead of petroleum products for heating and cooling the residence, the lack of combustion means no carbon monoxide, reduction of fires caused by HVAC and residents can cut their carbon footprint by 50%.

The beauty of geothermal is the heat pump, the same piece of equipment to heat or cool the home at a flick of a switch. This type of HVAC is different than the traditional methods of the past. Typically loops are placed under ground that carry a liquid and depending on whether the heat pump is set for heating or cooling the system either pushes heat into the ground through the liquid or picks up heat from the steady ground temperature. In some cases, a pool can be used in place of the drilled loops. An added benefit in the warmer months is that the pool is heated as the house is cooled moving the heat from inside the home to the pool.

Combine the geothermal with radiant heating and cooling provides a quiet method to heat and cool the residence.

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