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These days it’s chic to incorporate the most cutting-edge technologies to run the manse home efficiently with deep-pocketed homeowners leading the way to greener homes.

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From geothermal heating and cooling systems to high performance windows with triple panes of glass to tankless water heaters, solar panels and foam insulation, custom mansions are being outfitted with the best insulating technologies, alternative energy sources and eco-friendly features.  As a result, these top-of-the line homes are more durable and energy efficient as well as luxurious, not just because of lower utility and maintenance costs but because they can control their energy destiny and, for many, it’s the right thing to do.

Marc Spector, an architect and owner of the Spector Group, said his firm, “always likes to propose geothermal to the client.” Despite upfront costs that are two to three times as expensive as a conventional heating and cooling system, geothermal pays off in about five years.

The Spector group has successfully installed geothermal systems in homes from 5,500 to 15,000 square feet in Old Westbury, Kings Point, the Hamptons and the South Shore, as well as in schools and office buildings.

While the outdoor temperature fluctuates with the changing seasons, underground temperatures remain relatively constant year-round. Geothermal systems capitalize on those steady subterranean temperatures and use a buried system of pipes known as an earth loop and an indoor handling unit to provide “free energy” and savings “up to 70 percent on utility bills over using oil,” Marc explained. Going geothermal also eliminates issues with fumes or carbon monoxide associated with burning natural gas or other polluting fossil fuels.

“There are so many secondary and tertiary benefits especially when dealing with a really large home,” Marc added.

Geothermal is well suited for use with radiant floors, heating swimming pools and hot water, and for powering heat pads that de-ice driveways, eliminating the need to shovel and salt. “If you have geothermal, you have unlimited capacity to tap into,” Marc said. “It is happening more, and more.”

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By Published On: December 23, 2016

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