Getting A New Wine Cellar Or Moving Wine? Advice From The Experts!

When you are putting in a new wine cellar or relocating your residence there needs to be a lot of consideration for the safety of your wine while moving it.  Some of our customers have collections that have taken years to perfect and they have a considerable value, be it financial or sentimental.

Mountain Winery - wine tasting with cheese plate.

Mountain Winery - wine tasting with cheese plate.

The transportation of these bottles is paramont for peace of mind when dealing with your wine collection no matter how large or small.

All Reasons Moving are experts in moving, they have moved many households and has had their share of unusual items.  They understand how important your personal belongings are to you and they have many happy customers because they treat your items as their own, better even. That's why I asked All Reasons Moving for tips in moving wine.

Moving Tips: How To Pack Wine for Moving

Moving Tip: If you’re moving locally in San Jose you don’t need a special wine box to pack wine when moving a short distance, just use a book box. The special boxes are expensive.

Moving tip: We do recommend special boxes if you are moving cross country. Those boxes have Styrofoam inserts to help protect against temperature changes when traveling cross country.Steps for Packing Wine for Moving :

  • Place crumbled paper on the bottom of a book box
  • Wrap each bottle in paper and lay them down in the box. The paper will help to keep them cool and create padding so the bottles do not break.
  • Leave a couple inches at the top of the box for more paper and seal your box.
  • Label the box on the top and sides “wine” so you can locate them easily at the new house.

Bonus moving tip: If you do not plan on unpacking the wine right away simply place the box(es) in a cool spot and they will be fine until you get around to unpacking.

If you live in the Bay Area and are in need of a mover call All Reason's Moving at 408.240.0244.

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