Heater Not Working? You Can Buy The Worlds Wolliest Sheep or Call Cold Craft.

Australian sheep is unofficially the world’s woolliest courtesy of Yahoo news

Chris an Australian sheep had over 40 kilograms (88.2 lbs) of wool, making him unofficially the world’s woolliest. Chris shattered the current record set by New Zealand sheep Big Ben, found to be carrying nearly 29 kilograms of wool in 2014 prior to that notable woolly creatures were Kiwi, Shrek, who gained national celebrity in his home nation, meeting then Prime Minister Helen Clark and becoming the subject of several children’s books before his death in 2011.

Of course you would need to spin the wool into yarn and knit it into clothes to stay warm, that will take a lot of planning or you can just call Cold Craft, Inc. Our temperature experts can review your heating needs, make suggestions on how to overcome construction issues with your home (like hot and cold spots making an uncomfortable winter) and providing you with very quiet suggestions for you light sleepers.

So you know you have a choice other than the wool sweaters and that choice is to call Cold Craft, Inc.


By Published On: October 28, 2015

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