Landlords rely on property management companies and managers to protect their assets, reduce liability and to follow the law.  Sometimes,  landlords crib and complain about changes in the law requiring specific actions, some seem frivolous and maybe unlikley to occur but for the most part they know that if they have a good property manager they are looking out for them.

The Carbon Monoxide (CO) detector law is one of the newer passed laws in the state of California.  It might seem frivolous and unlikley to occur – especially if you ahve a new furnace installed. Well a refurbished property came back on the rental market recently and a major real estate management company, Real Estate Connections followed the law and placed the CO detectors in the home.  I know of the story because recently at about 5:30 one evening I received a call from Real Estate Connections that the CO alarm was going off.  I advided that the tenants open the doors and go outside.


Cold Craft, Inc. sent out a BPI (Building Performance Institute) certified technician because of the combustion knowledge from that certification.  Staci Altermeyer our technician started up the furnace (which was under the home) and almost immediately her CO detector was signaling an issue.  35-37 parts per million is a level of CO that can cause health issues but the reading at this home was 1,000 parts per million.

If you are not aware, Carbon Monoxide Poisoning can be fatal. It is colorless and odorless and the symptoms of stomach ache and headache can be mistaken for something else.   The carbon monoxide detector ordered to be installed by Diane Catalano-Burgos of Real Estate Connections saved the occupants’ health and likely their lives. So whether you are a lamdlord or a renter you should use the services of Real Estate Connections, they watch out for their clients and tenants.

The kicker, this furnace was about 1 year old, a new installation with several flue issues.  If you are not sure of your furnace or have combustable appliance safety concerns please install a CO detector and if you want peace of mind call us for an inspection 408.374.7292.

It could be the best move of your life.

If you need help with temperature, contact Cold Craft, Inc.

408.374.7292 or [email protected]

By Published On: September 24, 2014

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