As a rental property owner myself I see the importance of maintaining the most expensive parts of my rental homes, the heating and air conditioning and hot water systems.  Many people have the attitude if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.  The thing about it is, they don’t want to know if it is broken or in need of repair or tune up.  These things need to be maintained to avoid surprises. “The key to maximizing your money with rental property is to make sure the the expensive equipment in the home (HVAC which means, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning and water heater) are maintained so the equipment will last longer.  This means that the replacement can be delayed or planned for.” Susan Nichol Investment Property Owner.

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Yes, Susan Nichol is an investment property owner but she works for a heating and air conditioning company.  Unfortunately, the properties she owns are all out of state so she is unable to take advantage of her own firm to work on her properties.  “I have a couple of business rules when it comes to rental property, the most important one is that I need to be able to sleep at night.  Looming expenses and possible disaster from deferred HVAC maintenance is not a chance that I am willing to take.” says Ms. Nichol.

There have been some carbon monioxide issues that made the news locally, nationally and internationally and demonstrates the importance of HVAC and hot water heater maintenance that have been publicized over the years.  Now these are the issues that we know about, but these issues happen in apartments, homes and businesses – smaller episodes we would not have the details for.

A Boiler malfunctioned at a local larger hotel firm – this was sudden and without warning and this episode had some issues (see link above).

Berkeley landlord and principal partner in Reddy Realty, the largest rental property owner in Berkeley, which owns and manages more than 1,000 units was arrested in a sex scheme. He was caught because a wall furnace poisoned and killed a woman that he illegally brought to the US in a sex scheme.

More recently there was a death in the case of a NY mall with a water heater CO issue and another with a furnace issue the weekend of 2/21/14.

Every year there are issues with Carbon Monixide killing about 400 people in the US annually.  Yes while it is important to install a CO detector, it often doesn’t alarm until there is a large amount if CO present AND (this is a big AND) these detectors need to be changed our per manufacturer instruction and it can typically be every 5 years or they just are not effective.

It is also important to keep your safety inspection records to be able to prove that at the time of the inspection there were no indications of CO poisoning from the HVAC or hot water equipment.

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By Published On: September 27, 2014

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