Cold Craft, Inc. is in the heating and air conditioning business and we go under the homes and in the attics in the Silicon Valley; where the homeowners seldom go.  We have seen abandoned property, trash, both alive and dead animals including mice, rats, snakes (rattlesnakes too), cats, black widow spiders, etc.


So that being said, we’ve seen just about everything, but when we come across something like the ductwork above we get nervous that some of the animals and pests in the attic and crawlspaces are in the ductwork, where the occupants of the home are breathing the hair, nests and well nastiness of these animals.  Also here is something to think about, when the air is moving through the vents when there are cracks and holes it makes it possible for the air that is in the attic or crawl space to be sucked into the home too having dusty, dirty, moldy air entering your home. If the ductwork and registers are really bad it is possible that these uninvited guests may work their way into the home.

I know that most homes have ductwork that is in better shape than what is pictured above, but others have that plastic wrapped ductwork that is insulated, yet seemingly an attractant to some of these pests.

Vermon are not the only problem.  The ductwork above cause a huge issue with energy efficiency AND comfort.  The holes and cracks in the picture above were representative of the entire ducting of this home.  The owner wanted a new furnace because the current one was expensive to run and the home wasn’t heating the home, they complained about airflow.  The furnace was due to be replaced because it was pretty old and the efficiency rating was low compared to today’s furnace efficiencies that range from 80-98% efficient, plus we knew where the airflow was going (in the attic and crawlspace) heating the unused spaces in the home.

In the Silicon Valley there is an exterminator that many people swear by and that is Keith Reuter of  If you are having an issue please call him at 408-445-1738.

We will continue to post items that we find under homes and in crawlspaces.


If you need help with temperature, contact Cold Craft, Inc.

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By Published On: September 25, 2014

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