– Susan Nichol

You took years painfully seeking out the perfect wines to have in your collection.  You kept the wine safe in your temperature controlled wine cellar or wine frig.  Your friends and business associates know you as the wine aficionado, or at the very least a wine enthusiast.

2014 wine cellars

One day you are faced with moving your wine collection to another location, your new home, a wine storage facility, perhaps you sold some of your collection or better yet acquired someone else’s highly sought after collection.

The key to a successful move is how the wine is handled, meaning packed, loaded, transported, unloaded and unpacked.  It’s obvious that you want to keep the wine from breaking, but to really care for that collection and the more sensitive wines the temperature is a consideration as well as other factors.

All Reasons Moving is a moving expert in the bay area.  They have seen and experienced a variety of moves including moving wine.  They are acting as a guest blogger for for Cold Craft. If you want more moving tips and stories see the All Reasons Moving Blog.

Moving Wine – 6 Tips for Ensuring Successful Arrival

By Published On: September 28, 2014

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