You are stuck thinking what can I get for the person that has everything, a person that you care about and you are running out of time.  Well you are in luck, the suggestions here can be as simple as going to the hardware store or making a phone call.  It’s important to note for time management that the hardware store’s holiday rush was for decorations and that has subsided somewhat by now, unlike other retailers.

There are a lot of gifts that fall into the health and safety category some inexpensive others not so much.  For the purposes of this article let’s focus on a home safety monitoring device to alert the residents of an issue that they need to be aware of.  These gifts can have a monthly service charge or can come in a single payment.


Smoke Alarms, Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detectors, Natural Gas Sensors:

Give the gift that saves your loved one from Dangerous Carbon Monoxide. The problem here is that the occupants often do not even know that there is an issue, CO is colorless and odorless and the symptoms mimic a stomach ache or headaches.  These sensors are valuable – fairly inexpensive, easy to install and can save lives.  In California it is now the law to have Carbon Monoxide (CO) detectors in the home. You can make this even more special by including a note or card that says you will have it installed too. Some CO detectors are very easy to install, they get plugged into electricity.

CO detectorSure everyone should have smoke detectors, but how old are the ones in your loved ones homes?  Were they even tested lately or had the batteries changed?  It may be time to change them and a gift of new ones are perfect because let’s face it, our safety is not always top of mind and these were not going to be changed out any time soon.

Natural Gas Sensors are less prevalent compared to other home safety monitoring devices.  Natural gas at low levels is not dangerous, but at higher levels it poses an explosive/fire danger and the possibility of drastically reducing the oxygen in a particular space. Click here for information on what you need to know about natural gas detectors. This device is great for the elderly that do not have a good sense of smell since natural gas is equipped with a scent for detecting it.

More information:

***Recent story of how deficient smoke alarms were present in deadly fire, click this link

***Fema Link about Smoke Alarms

Security Monitoring Systems:

Alarm systems for the home that have a microphone and speaker built in can communicate with the residents of the property if they are somehow unable to get to a phone.  This is a nice set up for older residents that live alone or younger residents – especially when just starting to stay alone.  This is probably more of a comfort for the parents than the child in these situations. Of course this solution is not cheap; it costs money for the alarm, the installation and the monthly monitoring.  You can get the details and present this gift in a card for a later installation.

Some of these units have the smoke and carbon monixide detection built in as well.

Alarm company links that may be helpful in getting a system for someone are:

So get shopping for that last minute gift that says you care, give the gift of safety.




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By Published On: September 23, 2014

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