Learn the Importance of Maintaining HVAC Equipment

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) equipment is a lot like the vehicles we drive every day.  They need regular maintenance to operate correctly. The major advantages of maintaining this equipment is to lower your operating, repair and replacement costs, but there are other reasons as well.


Indoor air quality is becoming more and more important as we learn the ramifications of breathing poor quality indoor air.  The indoor air quality and the thermal aspects of the HVAC equipment are also responsible for the comfort of the occupants including employees and customers. Good air quality and comfort should improve productivity and attendance compared to poor air quality and thermal comfort.

dirty evap coil 003-resized-600Buildings with air conditioning have coils that the air in the building passes through to be cooled.  When it passes through a dirty coil it slows the air flow and works the equipment harder and it just isn’t clean for air quality.

HVAC unit failure results in uncomfortable employees and customers – it can cause work stoppage or even more serious implications such as data center equipment overheating and failure.  Proper preventative maintenance can often times predict when a unit is about to fail, preparing for a scheduled replacement or repair instead of waiting for the inevitable to occur at an inconvenient time.

Reducing your carbon footprint is also both important to the environment and for your corporate image.

When you choose an HVAC company to help with the preventative maintenance make sure that the one you choose treats the heating and cooling of the property as an entire system taking windows and ducting into consideration as well as usage of the property.  Thermal comfort and indoor air quality should at least be brought to the owners’ and managers’ attention so they are aware of the conditions of the equipment and environment.



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By Published On: September 26, 2014

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