susan nichol head shot-resized-600There is nothing like peace of mind.  You get that when you have a new furnace installed by NATE certified technicians.  The feeling only gets better when you get a slammin’ deal on the furnace and to top it off you get a top of the line name brand.

Did we goof when we ordered these furnaces or do we just want to pass along the savings to our customers?  I’d say the latter.  We knew we were taking a chance but these are name brand variable speed fan, 2 stage heat, 80% downflow furnaces.  The result – if these furnaces fit your home we all win.

We have only 5 of these instock and they will go fast.

Let me explain how good these are – these are the signature level top of the line, quietest 80% furnace on the market today furnaces.  These beauties have the energy saving variable speed motor that runs 50% less than the standard fan and are insulated to reduce noise.  It is so quiet people have stated that they did not need to change the volume on their television or talk louder when the furnace is running.

Things you need to know about furnaces is that the furnace needs to be sized to your home and that is not limited to square footage. The right furnace depends on a few variables including how insulated your home is – if you have new windows, etc. The beauty of this furnace is that the variable speed fan and 2 stages of heat makes it a furnace that can be adjusted to fit your home and your needs.

Who is a potential good fit?

This is the signiture level major brand furnace with 90,000 BTU furnace with a variable speed fan.  If you have a 1700-2500 square foot home and your registers are on the floor this may be a fabulous deal for you. We will even throw in a free Merv 10 filter system, it helps keep your air filtered and in turn there is typically less dusting.

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By Published On: September 26, 2014

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