The Ellis Act was created to be fair to tenants when the landlord wants to change their property, move into it or just stop being landlords.  Unfortunately, the rent control in San Francisco has made renting property unattractive.  Property owners are getting out, well until San Francisco started to mandate that they can’t do what they want with their own property.  Must read for the legal interest alone, but if you are a rental property owner and plan on selling one day, you must read this…


Landlord rights at risk: Ellis Act targeted

For most folks, if they hate their job, or it just doesn’t pay enough, they can always quit.

But what if you’re a landlord?

It’s not easy, and if San Francisco politicians and at least one tenant advocacy group have their way, landlords will face more hurdles and costs if they try.

In their sights is the Ellis Act, which provides limitations on what a local government can require of property owners who wish to end their rental housing business.

What you’re unlikely to hear in the media is that the Ellis Act and local ordinances like one in San Francisco provide protections for tenants. For example, building owners in The City are required to give occupants up to one-year advance notice and provide relocation fees of $5,105 — at a minimum.

Still, San Francisco officials and Tenants Together want the Legislature to give local governments authority on all landlord-tenant issues—including rent control and the Ellis Act.

As this story unfolds, expect to see plenty of inflammatory headlines, such as this one, which topped a column in the Sacramento Bee this week: “Rent control returns to Capitol as burning issue.”

To keep your cool, visit frequently. We’ll provide updates on the Ellis Act, what we’re doing to protect your interests and how you might help.


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By Published On: September 27, 2014

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