No doubt that the Pineapple Express weather that the west coast is experiencing can dump a large volume of water on us.  While many are looking up to the roof to make sure it is solid, there is another issue that may be lurking underfoot and that is the crawl space or even basements in the home.  

You may think so what?  Well, standing water under your home can negatively affect the hardwood floors in your home. The video below can help avoid hardwood floor damage due to standing water in a crawl space.

This informationa and video is a republished piece from Precision Flooring …

hardwood floors inside of buildingWow, what a storm that was. We haven’t had rain like this in years and obviously this area is not ready for rain like that. As we know water and hardwood don’t mix and you should definitely be paying attention to a few things to make sure your hardwood does not react to this heavy moisture. Take a minute and watch this video about some important things you need to know,

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By Published On: March 19, 2015

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