ClimateMaster Geothermal Equipment 400% More Efficient.

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Lower Energy & Utility Bills with Geothermal Heating & Cooling

Homeowners can save up to 80% each year on heating, cooling and hot water bills just by switching from a traditional HVAC system to a ClimateMaster geothermal heating and cooling system. According to the US Department of Energy, the typical American family spends at least $2,000 a year on home utility bills. Heating, cooling and hot water costs combined make up over 70% of the typical utility bill, so installing energy efficient HVAC systems, like a ClimateMaster geothermal system, may be one of the smartest home improvement investments you can make.

ClimateMaster’s geothermal heat pumps are ENERGY STAR® qualified for energy efficiency because they are incredibly up to 400-600% efficient, whereas the highest efficiency gas furnace is only 98% efficient. ClimateMaster’s newest series of geothermal heat pumps, the Tranquility Digital Series, proudly carries the ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient 2012 designation for being among the most energy efficient products that are ENERGY STAR® qualified. For people interested in learning how to lower electric bills at home, geothermal is the way to go.

In addition to the recurring energy savings created by a more efficient heating and cooling system, homeowners around the country are taking advantage of the 30% federal tax credit and other local energy tax credits that reduce the upfront costs of buying and installing ENERGY STAR® appliances and renewable energy technologies like ClimateMaster geothermal heating and cooling systems.

Learn How Our Geothermal HVAC Systems Can Cut Monthly Household Energy & Utility Bills.

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