Air  Conditioning Maintenance Services form our Experts

Schedule now your air conditioning maintenance services check up  from our professionals. It will help you save more money when your air conditioning system is at its peak performance.

We recommend scheduling annual air conditioning tune up to ensure that your air conditioning are well maintained and are working this hot season.

Cold Craft, Inc. has solutions for cooling your home and these solutions range from standard air conditioning to more energy efficient solutions including heat pumps and geothermal heating and cooling.  When looking at air conditioning options for your home there are a lot of items to consider.  First you need to understand that for central air the furnace and the air conditioner work together to move heat from inside the home to the outside condensing unit.  That being said central air conditioning works as a system.

Benefits of Tuning up your Air Conditioning System

  • Extended Life of Your System
  • Reduced Repairs
  • Improved Comfort
  • Optimal Efficiency
  • Lower Utility Bills

Hot Weather Heading To California This Spring and Summer

– Are You Ready?

Air Conditioning Units in Back yard    heat pumps

We agree with PG&E on when to consider or start to look for replacement of the furnace and that is at 12 years.  Why is 12 years the magic number?  they chose 12 years because of the changes in furnace engineering and efficiency as well as a safety factor.  Although in summer there is little heating, the safety issue we are discussing here is carbon monoxide infiltration to the breathing side of the furnace when in heating (combustion mode).  The furnace when air conditioning is installed is equipped with a cooling coil that is attached to that outdoor unit, making it more work and more expense to replace these separately.

So ideally if one is replacing air conditioning – a strong consideration needs to be made for the furnace replacement when the furnace is not performing, when the furnace is not as efficient as the owner wants it to be and especially when the heat exchange is compromised allowing carbon monoxide gasses to cross into the breathing side poisoning the occupants.

The geothermal heating and cooling utilizes renewable energy with virtually no negative impact on the environment by using either the ground or a swimming pool as a heat sink.  The beauty of using the swimming pool method is that you can heat your pool while cooling your home.

Call Cold Craft, Inc. for a quote on your air conditioning and heating replacement. If you have air conditioning already and want a tune up or repair, we are a full-service HVAC company and we can fix or help you maintain the cooling in your home too.