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What You Might Not Know About Changes in Heating and Cooling

Lennox Signature Series SLP98V Furnace Lennox XC21 Air Conditioner 

There is critical information about heating and cooling equipment that the customers need to be aware of in order to make an informed decision.  They need to take a moment and think about what they like and dislike about their heating and cooling equipment and see if there are solutions that fit with their lives.

Sound: Sometimes we don’t even know there is a problem – until it is brought to our attention.  For years, even I would use the remote control for my TV volume when my heater came on and off.  I had no idea that the furnace was as loud as it was until I bought a high efficiency heater with a variable speed motor.  Now I am so much more content watching television with the quieter furnace.  The furnace can be so disruptive that

While a lot of heating and air conditioning contractors make claims they are “green”, Cold Craft is one of the few contractors in Northern California making a significant and measurable change in Bay Area energy usage.

Energy Efficiency: Today’s furnaces can be ultra efficient.  We regularly install a 98% natural gas efficient furnace to our customers that want lower heating bills and reduced carbon footprints.  What you may not realize is that these furnaces have a PVC flue to exhaust the unit.  This is because the energy efficient engineering in these models yield more water rather than exhaust and the temperature of the output is much lower than the standard efficient furnace.  This plastic PVC pipe typically fits where the old metal flue was located or in some cases it can vent out horizontally.  Another aspect of this condensing furnace aside from the new flue is the condensate drains to eliminate the water from the furnace. These typically drain into a pvc line and routed out of the home and into a sanitary drain, garden or drywell. For attic installations, it can be routed down the side of the home for drainage.

Standard energy efficient units are the lowest efficiency you can install in California; these are 80% efficient.  Any unit below the 80% does not comply with today’s standards.

Energy-Efficient Thermostat:  Another change since you shopped for furnaces may be the energy-efficient thermostat.  Some have programmable timers and yet others communicate with the furnace or air conditioner to tell it what to do.  These are learning furnaces that understand the requirements of heating and cooling the home.  The energy efficient thermostat is also able to be programmed easily.  There are very specific places that a thermostat needs to be located.  A relocated thermostat can be a problem and cause either an uncomfortable living environment (too hot or too cold) or the furnace can cycle on and off too often. The programmable thermostat is one of the easiest ways to cut your energy bills because it regulates the furnace and air conditioning according to our daily schedules.