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I grew up in a Jersey suburb as the youngest of eight girls. That’s me the red head down in front for our Easter photo. A large family is great, always someone to confide in, but being the youngest means that when the older sisters went off to school or work I had some welcome alone time.

Rid Your Home of Fairy DustOne of my earliest memories was of me playing in our dining room one sunny day.  I was probably just 3 or 4 when I noticed that the sunlight shining in the window revealed fairies dancing in the air between me and the window. My active imagination created dances and stories of these fairies rising and falling with any movement in the room.

At that age those fairies or as my mother referred to them by their common name of dust’ were special, well, until I started getting both allergies and chores.  Putting away the flatware and dusting were my early chores.

It seemed that as soon as I ‘dusted’ a room the fairies and their friends returned in full force.  As I got older I tried Pledge, Endust, you name it, I couldn’t get rid of these once friendly fairies.

As an adult I learned a secret about fairy dust.  It can be captured in filters in the home ventilation system. The better the filtration the less you saw fairy dust.  Filtration is measured in MERV’s and I increased the filtration in my home to a MERV 10. The National Air Filtration Association table will show you the different filtration you can have for your fairy dust.  The way I see it is that you can increase your filtration by contacting a firm like Cold Craft, Inc. or you can use your lungs to filter them out, I prefer a good MERV filter.

Contact Cold Craft for help to get rid of your fairy dust 408.374.7292.

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By Published On: August 8, 2018

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