Rutter’s Farm Stores Experiences 57% Energy Improvement With Cooler Doors and 24% on Freezer Upgrade

This article recently published in the HVACR Industry newspaper called The News.  I found it especially timely since rebates, financing options and aging equipment created the perfect timing to replace those older cases that are energy hogs.Feel free to contact Cold Craft, Inc. about your northern CA grocery store for replacement of those cases 408.374.7292


Company: Anthony®, a Dover company

Customer: Rutter’s Farm Stores

Installation: Infinity 090 Cooler and Freezer Doors from Anthony

Completion: 2015

Objective: To successfully upgrade the cooler doors of a Rutter’s Farm Stores convenience-store/retail-petroleum location in the company’s hometown of York, Pennsylvania. The cooler/freezer area is one of the focal points for all of its 60 stores.

Work Completed: Rutter’s installed a total of 16 Infinity 090 doors during the remodel — 12 on the coolers and four on the freezers. The Optimax Pro 24 LED Lighting solution was also used. Rutter’s has experienced a 57 percent energy-efficiency improvement for its cooler doors and 24 percent improvement on its freezer doors after the upgrade.

Publication date: 8/3/2015

Cold Craft, Inc. established in 1991, has been installing many brands of energy efficient new and retrofit cases for local Northern CA grocers helping them to save money on energy while making their product look better to improve sales.  Grocers should contact Cold Craft, Inc. and schedule a consultation to see what rebates or financing options can help you the local grocer thrive in competitive times. Cold Craft, Inc. Campbell, CA 408.374.7292

By Published On: September 10, 2015

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