I sat thinking for a while before writing this blog because this surge in thefts has hit very close to home my home.  My next door neighbor had his front door kicked in during the day and he was robbed.  Maybe not the 6 o’clock news, but this was in a quiet neighborhood where a good number of retirees walk the block and dogs are on leashes periodically during the day and for our neighborhood it made us pause to reevaluate our homes’ security.

Yes, in hindsight I agree his door could have been stronger, it was a plywood center door with a strong frame, but this is the FRONT DOOR.  They kicked in the plywood and the deadbolt was locked, so they reached in and unlocked the door.  This is NOT a lazy homeowner, he added security lights just like ours that are motion triggered and he removed all of the overgrown plants from the pathway to the front door when he moved in.

I knew the trend in a nearby neighborhood was to enter through an open upstairs window to cool the house at night, even when the occupants were home.  For that reason we got central air conditioning, getting robbed is one thing but being home when they come in the house is just too much to risk and that is the point when a robbery can get dangerous.

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We also have a monitored alarm system with some special features. I did what a police friend suggested including putting a stick in the windows and that back slider.  I have a dog, a hefty dog – this should act as a deterrent and when we moved in we replaced the side door with that single pane glass to a solid door.  Our contractor added a wide angled peep hole, it’s a nice touch but I just use it to spy on the dog.  I have other safety issues that were suggested to us – but still I find the need to have a set of fresh eyes take a look at my home for weak points.  I know if they want to get in they will, just make your home the least likely target of such things and I want to know the trends.

Someone I know asked, “What are you really protecting ?  What do you think they are going to take?”  I said my peace of mind – which is worth a lot.

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By Published On: September 26, 2014

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