“Life is an awful, ugly place to not have a best friend.”
― Sarah Dessen,
Someone Like You

Sure we do heating and air, but there are life lessons all around us.  This one is worth sharing.

With reflection I put this file away for the last time, the installation is over, permit inspection completed and new residents have moved into the townhouse..as if nothing ever happened.

If we had themes for our installation this one would be friendship or lack there of. This is an example of how important it is to have a friend, someone to look after you, and you them.

Without that you may have the same problem as in this true story.

This is what happened…

A divorced property owner was estranged from their daughter and had little to no contact with the ex or the neighbors.  Maybe it was initially done for convenience but the bills and HOA dues were all paid automatically, so there was no reason for anyone to look for them.  Apparently there were no friends, family or even neighbors to wonder where this person was.  The mailman, the meter reader, etc., didn’t see anything that they wanted to report about the townhouse.  Even though the mail was delivered daily it was put through a slot in the front door.  Auto pay and auto payments just kept being processed weekly, monthly and even annually without notice.  If the IRS is the only party concerned about you – your life could have been lived a little differently.  The IRS contacted the ex it seems that two (2) years passed and no one else noticed. Unsuccessful at reaching the resident, they reached out to the homeowner’s ex-spouse.

The ex took the notifications from the IRS seriously, so since they lived in different states a private investigator was contacted.  The private investigator also had trouble reaching this person, but was able to peer into the home and see mail piled up hip high, so he broke into the front door and found the homeowner dead upstairs on the kitchen floor… mummified.

Two years had passed, that’s sobering.


                 My hope is that this sad story can act as a wake up call.  We can make sure that we are connected to others in a way that we would be missed, take the time to contact friends, neighbors and relatives to make sure that they are ok. 



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By Published On: September 25, 2014

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