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It may not appear important to replace your furnace filter but as an HVAC (heating and AC) company we know that people are paying for service calls to replace furnace filters when they should be able to be a DIY (do it yourself) job.

Unfortunately, we have gone out on several calls where the furnace is not working, it seems like there is no hot air or even warm air coming through the registers or the furnace is very hot.  You see when the furnace filter is not kept clean it restricts the airflow and it even chokes the furnace making it work a lot harder.  You may think, “so what” but a dirty filter shortens the lifespan of your furnace. Another issue especially on older furnaces with no safety shut off to alert to the unit over heating adn possibly causing a fire.

clogged residential filter-resized-600This is a real residential filter, the customer was complaining of low air flow and impaired heating for a two year old furnaceIf your filter looks like this you are shortening your furnace’s usable life.  The filter should look somewhat grey-white even when changing it. 

HVAC (heating and air) companies should have easier ways to replace your filter than keeping it in the furnace itself.  If the comfort advisor doesn’t mention it to you when shopping for a new furnace, ask about it.  We often have an easy access panel to access the filters.   We also suggest to have spare filters in the home so changing the filter is simple.

We certainly have happier customers when they have no issues with thier equipment, especially the newer equipment.  This is why we offer periodic maintenance for HVAC equipment and furnace safety inspections for the heating season.  The location of your furnace filter shouldn’t be a mystery, although some HVAC companies want to be called to help with dirty filter changes, we feel that you should have the option to do the easy maintenance on your equipment.

If you are looking for better efficiency on your furnace, especially an older one we suggest a tune up and safety inspection or even consider replacement.  PG&E suggests considering replacement when the furnace is 12-15 years old. Feel free to call us at:  Cold Craft, Inc. 408.374.7292


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By Published On: September 25, 2014

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